Galerie Project - Domesticated Space Travelers Fall Exhibition

Domesticated Space Travelers Fall Exhibition

Opening Reception: Friday, November 13th 6pm – 12am
Gallery Hours: Saturday, November 14th & Sunday, November 15th; 12pm – 6pm
Location: Brooklyn Fire Proof – 119 Ingraham St, Brooklyn NY
Facebook Event Page: Domesticated Space Travelers

Galerie Project welcomes you to our Fall Exhibition Opening on Friday, November 13th from 6pm – midnight at Brooklyn Fire Proof, 119 Ingraham St, Brooklyn NY (L Train off the Morgan stop). Gallery hours will be from 12-6pm on Saturday November 15th and Sunday November 16th. Selected art will be for sale. This event is free for all who attend.

The theme of our exhibit is ‘Domesticated Space Travelers.’ Rex the dog, Mittens the cat, and Wiggles the hamster have left the comforts of Earth to set out on a very grand adventure to discover a new planet, find new life on Mars, and lead the race to space exploration! Our furry – or slimy – companions could give us new hope in addition to the tweets and purrs that we love so much. But what would it look like? We hope that you will come and find out!

Our fully immersive gallery experience will include live ambient music, vinyl DJ sets, sculptures, 2D art, and a 3D visual installation. Also, beer & wine will be served at our open bar throughout the reception.

This will also be a joint gallery opening with artists, Stacey Cushner and Liselott Johnsson. They will present a two-person exhibition, “DromomaniaX2”, that explores the intimate immensity of the forest and the infinite geometry of wood. Through painting, sculpture and drawing, Cushner and Johnsson’s diverse practices articulate forests as poetic spaces that require both preservation and contemplation. Referencing “dromomania” – an uncontrollable urge to wander, DromomaniaX2 presents new work by the artists that asserts the important cultural role of forests in the contemporary world.

Hugues Clément – Live VJ performance & 3D mapped visual installation [Montreal, CA]

Between sound/image, formal/implicit and digital/organic universes, new media artist Hugues Clément has been showcased in various events around the world, including MUTEK_MTL (CA), Igloofest (CA), FICFA(CA), Slingshot festival (US), MADATAC (ES) and Circle of light/Moscow light festival (RU). With audiovisual performance, mapping, design, VJing, and visual installation; Hugues Clément attempts to capture today under different aesthetics. He is interested in digital manipulation, formalism, kitsch art, digital/landscape juxtaposition and relationship between audio/visual and creativity/technology.


Antenes – Live Experimental Set [L.I.E.S – Brooklyn NY]

Electronics artist and DJ Antenes operates a laboratory of self-made analog sequencers and synth modules built and manipulated in the name of rhythmic, sonic, and spatial exploration. Inspired by the Buchla 100 modular system and featured in the modular documentary “I Dream of Wires,” Antenes’ signal path transforms synthesizers into sequences that burst with percussive energy, bouncing sound through sound like so many fuzzy AM radio stations during a late night drive.

Her solo production debut, The Track of a Storm EP on L.I.E.S. reveals three tracks of otherworldly techno replete with “lazer shot synthwork” and “ghostly noise layers.” She also performs experimental, ambient audio excursions infused with field recordings, radio static and messages between the wires. As Meridian7, she creates sound collage installations based on archival research of early telecom sounds and has participated in artist residencies including Harvestworks (NYC) and Signal Culture (Owego, NY).

DJ & Music Production Site:
Synth Construction Site:

Chavez & Velasco – Vinyl DJ Set [NIL – New York – New Jersey]

Chavez & Velasco have set the bar high when it comes to house music in the New York Tri-State area. Being co-heads of the critically acclaimed Nil Label, they’ve showed no signs of slowing down in 2015. These two are DJs who aren’t tied to one single genre. The best way to describe their sound is “Honestly, it’s just good music.”


Jad Atoui – Live Experimental Set [Galerie Project – Brooklyn, NY]

Jad Atoui is a Lebanese music composer and electronic sounds experimentalist. Using his electronic gear and field recordings that express raw sounds as they appear to us through nature, he produces and composes music that fits styles of ambient, dub techno and glitch. The sonic feel in this body of work shifts from ambient to purely electronic, harsh yet hypnotizing sounds. His work has been featured in Pompidou Center (2012, Paris). As for performances, Jad Atoui performed with renowned artists like John Zorn, Ikue Morie and Erik Friedlander.


Doric – Vinyl DJ Set [Galerie Project – Brooklyn, NY]

Doric began his vinyl obsession 3 years ago by collecting and following vinyl labels. This opened insights into an entirely exclusive set of artists and producers that he had never heard before. This is how he began to truly discover his unique style, by digging for his own collection of records. Doric’s style is diverse and will incorporate the genres of ambient, dub techno, Detroit house, techno, minimal, and dub house. He seems to always find a way to seamlessly merge many genres over the course of a set, to tell a story or to take listeners on a journey.


Artists featured at the exhibition:

Chris Dyer – painting
Summer Hart – Painting & Drawing
Masaya Nakayama – Painting
Jena Sinclair – Painting
Tim McCool – Painting & Installation
Francesco Masci – Drawing & Painting
Jeremy Munson – Sculpture
Robert Richter – Drawing & Painting
Alina Bachmann – Painting
Sarah Parker – Mixed Media
Dave Rittinger – Sculpture
Hannah Schilsky – Sculpture
Steph Marcus – Painting
Kerry Kolenut – Mixed Media
Davis Connelly – Drawing
Katie Mackowick – Digital
Sam Neukirch – Painting

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