Galerie Project Artist Profile: Roger Gerressen 11

Artist Profile: Roger Gerressen

Roger Gerressen has been busy.

Real busy.

With 6 releases in the past 6 months, the Dutch DJ remains relevant in practically all the top DJ charts including techno, dub, house, and minimal. Gerressen’s most recent collaboration with fellow ESHU members Jocelyn Abell, Ivano Tetelepta, & Daniël Lekatompessy is particularly worth a listen, especially with accompanying visuals from Vincent Starr, seen below:

The workhorse that he is, Roger found time to chat with us recently about how he maintains his creative flow while running a record label, playing out internationally, and averaging a new release every month.

Other than music, what other art forms do you derive creative inspiration?

I rarely search for art. It’s a combination of just randomly finding interesting stuff while browsing the internet and friends showing me pieces that inspired them. And I occasionally visit My main focus is on the music, but I do get inspired by everything I see. An image or object might not inspire me directly, but it does affect my mood or my thoughts about today’s world or society. And I’m very sensitive for those moods and thoughts.

Who are some artists (non-musical) that inspire you? Particular works?

ISO50 was one of the first artists I came across at a younger age and also one of the first graphic designers I spent time discovering artwork. He’s kind of mainstream, but I’m a sucker for retro-based designs….. I actually still have some of his prints up on my wall as a present from a friend.


I really love all great street artists out there too. I love the originality involved and the statements that are often made. It’s nice to see art adapt to the inner city scenery and sometimes make a fool of today’s hypocrisy.

One of the artists I recently came across and who immediately caught my attention was Mark Dorf, really cool pieces of landscapes with an original twist. Most of the times he adds just a really simple touch that breaks down all that is natural about the original image used.



But the biggest inspiration for me are movies….. I’m a big movie buff. I watch a new movie on a daily basis and I’m a big collector of old classics. My favorite director is Martin Scorsese with Stanley Kubrick as a close second. You can’t really get any musical ideas from ‘Goodfellas’ but movies like ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ blew my mind — the vision Kubrick had of the future, space travel and interior design. The 30min visual-trip near the end of the movie actually inspired some of the tracks I did with the ESHU collective, especially “Naturally Divine.”



When working on my housier affairs, I rarely get inspired by art or any other visuals… it’s more about good feelings or deep emotions. When making house you’re kind of limited to certain rules and ideas of how a house track should sound, while with techno everything goes. So when I’m working on more techno orientated music, I sometimes do seek for some visuals to spark the idea of ‘where to take a track’. We get inspired by space a lot, a theme that goes hand-in-hand with techno and is often represented in our music.

With our own label we’ve worked with one designer so far, Lotte van de Hoef, but we’re currently in the process of switching to another designer. We just wanted to try something new I guess. She did the artwork for Ivano Tetelepta’s (one of the four ESHU members) debut album ‘True Colours,’ released on Fear of Flying Records earlier this year.






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