Albane Simon's Theological Acid Collages - Galerie Project

Albane Simon’s Theological Acid Collages

Albane Simon‘s collages are like gazing into a still frame of religious or political themed acid trips. Complete with the Garden of Eden and a dash of paranoia, Simon isolates images with impactful framing and eerie hidden gems woven throughout each piece. Eyes peeking through the brush, a 1984 reference, and an Illuminati sign as a center point – these are details that sneak up on you and alter your entire perception of what each piece is meant to begin with. Dali-esque stages with scenes of symmetry, hollowed out faces, and glasses half empty or full that include a tinge of M. C. Eshcer; the scope of Simon’s art work is prolific.


Many pieces suggest symmetry with a detail or two throwing off the possibility of perfection. These are often suggestive of a sanctuary fit for Adam and Eve, and could possibly be read as a knock to the elicited perfection of the religion they belong to. Maybe perhaps the idealization of perfection had one key detail unobstructed from the path of a life which otherwise lived in pure harmony.


Another favorite of Albane Simon’s works includes a lab rat revealed through the back of a hollowed head who mans the controls of the human he inhabits. The rodent watches as the worn down minds of men enter the door to paradise while war rages just beyond the door. We’re left with an impression of disbelief. When looking into his work it’s almost as if you can hear the bombs dropping, guns shooting, the hiss of a snake, and the wheels turning.

As I browse further through his portfolio, I beg the question – at what cost? Classism portrayed in another piece that includes glass encased luxuries floating in a pre-man scene while another one of Simon’s works gives us a glimpse of horror that feature a 5 eyed wolf in a barren land overpowered by technology. What is this all for? If it isn’t paradise then its dystopian, dysfunctional, and hollow. Simon is perhaps imploring his own questions of where middle ground actually exists.

Enjoy the track “Anger and Exasperation” by Annanan while browsing Simon’s gallery below.













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